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Blue Ice Hydra Leash

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The Hydra leash from Blue is the lightest ball-and-socket swivel leash system, at just 54g, on the market. The Hydra Leash has two carabiners with wide open gates to quickly quickly clip to any ice axe, attachment to the harness is simple using a lark's foot. Secure your tools to avoid loss, and give piece of mind without weighing you down or restricting movement on even the most technical terrain. The 360-degree ball-and-socket swivel allows full freedom of movement without tangling.

**Technical Information**

- 2 ultralight elastic leashes (length: 80cm, up to 135cm)

- 2 high spring tension carabiners with wide open gates

- Ball-and-socket swivel allows for freedom of movement and to avoid entanglement

- Strength: 2kN

- Weight: 54g

- Materials: Aluminum, UHMW Polyethylene, PES

- Made in China
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